Turkey Tacos!

Hey everyone!

So, the weather here in Columbus today was absolutely GORGEOUS! The high was almost 70, and with the exception of some rain this morning, it was an overall beautiful day 🙂

For my workout today, I did an interval workout on the tredmill, alternating between walking and running, each for one minute.  I walked at a 4.0 pace and for each running minute, I increased the speed by 0.5 each time, working my way up and eventually coming back down.  I did this for 30 minutes and then finished off the workout with a combo of planks, squats, some weights, and a little ab work.

After my workout it was time for dinner..turkey tacos!

Most people think of ground beef when it comes to tacos, but using lean ground turkey instead is a great way to make your tacos healthier.  To make my tacos, I start with an OLE X-Treme Wellness high fiber tortilla.  These are awesome because they have TONS of fiber and protein, and are still low in calories.  I cut mine into fourths and fill each piece with the toppings.  I included turkey, lettuce, tomato, salsa, black beans, and avacado in mine.  SO colorful and SO delicious! 🙂

On the side I mixed some of the remaining black beans with some salsa and avacado. Yum!

This is a super easy meal to make filled with tons of colorful, healthy ingredients, and is perfect for Mexican night 🙂

Now that I’m nice and full from dinner, it’s on to homework, homework, and more homework.  Oh, and more importantly cheering on the Bucks against Northwestern tonight 😉

Hope everyone has a great rest of the evening!


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