National Nutrition Month, Peanut Butter, & Instagram!

In case you didn’t know, March is National Nutrition Month! How cool is that? And what better way to start off National Nutrition Month, than with National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day (aka TODAY)!  I LOVE peanut butter.  Literally cannot get enough of it.  I might even eat it right out of the jar sometimes… what? 🙂 Peanut butter sometimes gets a bad rap because of the high amount of fat and the hydrogenated oils that most regular kinds contain.  But, the good news is that most natural/organic peanut butters do not contain those oils.  And, the fats in peanut butter are GOOD fats, the same kind found in regular peanuts.  Last night I picked up some Smucker’s natural PB to try and I love it!

P.S. Don’t be scared if you open your jar of natural peanut butter and all of the oil has come to the top. That’s normal! Just stir and refrigerate it 🙂

For dinner tonight I had a grilled chicken breast with a sweet potato and some cauliflower and broccoli.  Lean, green, and clean! This is a go-to meal that I have at LEAST once a week.  It’s easy to throw together and has a good balance of lean protein, veggies, and healthy carbs.  Plus I think I might be almost as addicted to sweet potatoes as I am to peanut butter…

Last but not least, is there anyone out there who is as obsessed with Instagram as I am?!  If you don’t know what Instagram is, it is an iPhone app where you can take pictures and edit them with all sorts of cool features and then post them for other people to see.  I am OBSESSED! I post so many pictures on it that my followers probably hate me.  But I can’t stop! And lately, I have been finding a lot of fellow foodie/healthy living bloggers on Instagram and following them, which has only added to the addiction.  I love photography and seeing other people’s pictures of healthy food and fitness motivation.  Checking other people’s posts keeps me motivated as well!

Today I started a fun little challenge on Instagram called march2fitness.  For every day in March, there is a word describing what you have to post a picture of, and all of them revolve around health and fitness.  For example, today was “progress shot.”  The awesome part about it is that you can make whatever you want of the word.  Everyone’s interpretation is different!  So today, my “progress shot” was this:

I took this picture of my keyboard while I started writing this post earlier to show the “progress” I am making on this new blog 🙂  It’s so cool to see how others interpreted the word and what their pictures are.

So, for any of you fellow Instagram users out there, look me up! triggs122 🙂


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