PB Crave Review!

Hey everyone!

Like I said before, I was lucky enough to recieve some product samples from PB Crave (www.pbcrave.com) to do a review for them on here.  PB Crave is a new company that makes all natural gourmet peanut butters.  I am a lover of all nut butters so I was so so SO excited when I got this opportunity.  Just looking at the flavors on their website made me drool! Plus I LOVE that they use all natural ingredients! Come on, can you blame me!?

I got the samples last weekend and have been trying the flavors with different things throughout the week, and I have to say I absolutely LOVE them all!  It was hard to choose a favorite 🙂

I put some of the Cookie Nookie in my oatmeal the other night and sprinkled the top with a little coconut, and some chocolate covered sunflower seeds and it was an AWESOME combo.  I felt like I was eating dessert for dinner….but hey, why not?

I have to say though that my ABSOLUTE favorite has got to be the Razzle Dazzle.  It makes you feel like you are eating a PB&J sandwich with the raspberry flavor mixed throughout.  And the best part about it is that there are little white chocolate chunks in it!  I never would have thought to put all of those flavors together in a peanut butter, but let me tell you…it definitely works!

The other two flavors, Choco Choco and Choco Banana are super good, too.  I’ve been mixing all of them into oatmeal, spreading them on rice cakes and bananas, and pretty much anything else I can think of! (And maybe even just plain eating them out of the jar…whoops 🙂 ) If you are as obsessed with peanut butter as I am, you definitely have to try these out!

Currently, PB Crave is not in stores, so you have to order through their website.  It’s up to us to help them get on the shelves!  Voting for PB Crave will help them get their products in Walmart stores, so check out their website or use this code and vote!  (Trust me, you want this stuff in stores!)

Thanks again PB Crave for the samples!  You guys rock!


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