Beginning of Phase 3!

Hey everyone!

Okay, so Phase 3 of the LiveFit has been absolutely KICKING MY BUTT!  The very first day was a leg day and man was it intense! Check this out:

As you can tell, this phase includes a LOT of active rests and supersets that really get your heart rate going.  Super intense, but definitely awesome workouts! I am dripping sweat by the end.

On non-leg days, there are also sprints included.  The sprints are 30 seconds on/ 30 seconds off at an 8 speed on the tredmill.  Let’s just say my legs are RIDICULOUSLY sore from these! I pretty much look like an idiot walking around at school because they hurt so bad…but I love that kind of pain! It’s obviously a sign of an awesome workout 🙂

One meal I’ve been loving this week is pre-made turkey burgers from Kroger. Yep. Kroger.  They are perfect! The patties are HUGE and pack in 34 grams of protein! THIRTY FOUR. How awesome is that? Plus, they are delicious.

I’ve also been loving this Greek yogurt combo for the past couple of days:

Vanilla Chobani + 1 tbsp Chocolate PB2 + Love Grown Granola + Kroger trail mix (who knew Kroger had such awesome stuff?)

Oh, and I sent out my May Foodie Penpal package yesterday.  Hope you love it Caroline!

 And before I go, how stinkin’ cute is this!? Bath time for Poco!


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