Breakfast Disasters and Fro-yo Friday!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Let’s just start out with a HUGE breakfast fail from yesterday.

Yep. I told you it was bad.  I woke up really craving waffles, so I thought I would just use the Tone It Up protein pancake recipe and put it in the waffle maker.  Obviously that was a bad idea.  Clearly pancake recipes are not made for waffle irons.   As if ruining the waffles wasn’t bad enough, when I went to get the almond milk back out of the fridge to make the batter again for regular pancakes, I grabbed the carton and starting shaking it, only to realize I forgot to put the lid back on before, resulting in milk splattering all over the kitchen. Great start to the morning, right?

I decided to take a day off from the weights yesterday, and let myself relax a little bit.  I want to finish the Live Fit program strong, and I really wasn’t feeling it yesterday, so I decided to use it as my rest day so I don’t completely burn myself out or feel like I want to quit.

For lunch, I had 5 scrambled egg whites and surprise, surpise, a sweet potato with almond buttah!

If the saying “you are what you eat” had any truth to it, I am almost certain I will soon be turning into egg whites or a sweet potato covered in nut butter.

After lunch, I headed to work for the afternoon.  I did end up going to the gym afterwards, but just for a quick cardio session on the elliptical.  Nothing too crazy.  And I bet you can guess where I headed after the gym….

Yep. Fro-yo time! (Kind of counterproductive going to get frozen yogurt after the gym, huh?) Oh well….

Yesterday was no sugar added coffee again with almonds, pecans, chocolate covered pretzels, toasted coconut, and mini turtle bites!  Oh my gosh was it good.  The turtle bites were even shaped like little turtles!

I had to get up pretty early this morning, so last night was pretty quiet.  Gilmore Girls and frozen yogurt. Can’t say I’m mad about it 🙂

This morning was supposed to be the day I went back to the lab for more blood tests for the diabetes study I am doing, but unfortunaely I had to cancel the appointment and reschedule because my blood sugar ended up being a little low, and I wasn’t able to eat anything before the test because I had to be fasting.  I was a little disappointed because I think the study is so interesting, and was excited to see what the next results would be.  Hopefully I will be able to reschedule for next weekend!

After cancelling the appointment, I fixed myself a nice big, fluffy bowl of egg white oats (MUCH less of a disaster than yesterday’s breakfast)! I haven’t made this breakfast for awhile, so I was super excited.  I added cinnamon and vanilla while the oats were cooking, and topped them with Earthbalance coconut peanutbutter spread (literally obsessed with this stuff), half a banana, and some blueberries.

And now I’m off to enjoy this beautiful day by the pool!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

What is your favorite waffle recipe?

Do you have any favorite oatmeal toppings?


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