May Foodie Penpal!

Hey guys!

It’s the last day of May, so that means Foodie Penpals reveal day! I recieved my package this month from Jennifer, who is not a blogger, but is an AWESOME foodie penpal 🙂

I wasn’t home when my package arrived, but my sister was, so obviously I was too excited to wait until I got home to open it, so I had her send me a picture!

I honestly and truly believe that all of my penpals thus far have been able to read my mind. I was literally on Peanut Butter Co.’s website earlier on in that week about to order the White Chocolate Wonderful PB, and what do you know, it came in my foodie box!  I have been loving it on my Ezekial toast in the morning! It is heavenly.

Next up in the box was another nut butter favorite of mine: Trader Joe’s Almond Buttah!  And the best part is…it’s the chunky kind! I’ve only had the creamy, but I know I will probably love the chunky kind even more 🙂

Jennifer also sent me some chickpeas! I’m thinking some homemade hummus may be in my near future??

This next item was super good! They are snapea crisps.  The night I opened these I probably ate half the bag! I think they have them at Trader Joe’s so if you are there in the near future you should definitely pick some up!

There was also some coconut water in there, which I have been DYING to try!

She also included a huge box of tea! My mom loves tea, so she was pretty excited about this one  🙂

One of my very favorite things in the box were these:

(yes, this is an instagram picture).

These things are seriously SO good!  At first I was a little skeptical of how they would taste, but they are awesome! I am definitely going to have to grab some more on my next trip to Trader Joe’s!

Jennifer also included two chocolate truffles, which were consumed by my mom and I almost immediately after the box was opened 🙂

Thanks again, Jennifer for an AWESOME package! I loved everything you sent and appreciate it so much!

If you want to join in on the Foodie Penpal fun, head on over to Lindsay’s blog and check it out!

Have a good one everybody!


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