Graduation and Birthday Celebrations!

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had as fun of a weekend as I did! Mine was super busy, filled with lots of celebration with family and friends.  My sister, Lindsay, graduated from Ohio State yesterday, which also happened to be my 20th birthday!  We had a fun party by the pool on Saturday and then went to the graduation ceremony in the Shoe yesterday, followed by a nice dinner at Wedgewood Country Club.  It was an overall great weekend, and there was of course lots of yummy food to document 🙂

Saturday morning, I woke up and got in my last bicep workout of the LiveFit trainer. I can’t believe I’m almost done!  This was another circuit workout, and it left my arms feeling like jello!

We all headed over to my aunt’s house around 11 to hang out by the pool and get ready for the party.  The weather ended up being perfect!

I even tried my hand at some grilling and made these stuffed peppers.  I got the recipe from Fit Foodie Finds.  They had Italian chicken sausage, quinoa, and stewed tomatoes inside.  They turned out pretty well!  Just call me the grill master 😉

I forgot to take a picture of our actual dinner (oops!), but there was a huge spread of burgers, brats, chicken, about 5 different types of salad, and beans.  I did, however, snap some pics of the desserts, which was a gorgeous cake and some buckeyes I had made on Friday.

I recieved some really great gifts from my family for my birthday!

One that I was particularly excited about was this:

Yonanas! Yes. That is a machine that makes “ice cream” out of fruit!! Since we all know I have a somewhat ridiculous little obsession with frozen yogurt, I was SUPER excited when I opened this! My aunt Carla, uncle Dave, and cousin Ashley got this for me and I cannot wait to try it out! I would have already cracked this baby open if we hadn’t been so busy yesteday and had some time to go to the store to stock up on some fruit to use in it.  I will most definitely be writing a full out post on this soon 🙂

Yesterday, we arrived at Ohio Stadium (aka the Shoe) at around 11:45 for the graduation ceremony.  It was the biggest graduating class OSU has EVER had (of course). We snapped a few pics while we waited to go inside.

Here is one of me with my mom and my aunts Judi and Debbie!

One with the parental units.

My dad even managed to catch Lindsay as they were lining up to file in!

 You go girl!

The ceremony was super long and super hot very nice 🙂 and we had perfect seats! We lucked out and Linds even walked down the isle right next to us!

 Oh so proud 🙂

After the ceremony we headed to dinner at Wedgewood Country Club.  We sat out on their gorgeous patio and had a great time.  I ordered an egg white omlette with mushrooms, spinach, and onion with a side of broccoli and fresh fruit.

They even brought us out a special dessert that the whole table shared.  It was called Chocolate Confusion…

Yum! Everything was so good!  The perfect ending to the day.

Overall, it was a great weekend filled with family and friends, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my 20th birthday!

After a weekend of indulging, though, I am definitely ready to get back to my normal, clean eating and workout schedule.  It’s always important to remember that it’s okay to treat yourself every once in awhile!

I hope everyone has a great Monday!


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