Hilton Head Photo Dump! (Warning: Excessive Drool-Worthy Froyo Pics Included)

Hey guys!

The reason I have been completely MIA this week is because I was on a much needed vacation with the fam in Hilton Head, South Carolina 🙂

I had so much fun and was so sad to leave yesterday! Since it would take foreverrr to write about every single detail of the vacation, I will just share some photos and a few of the highlights from my week.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t completely slack off from working out and eating clean the entire week, so my aunt Carla and I went on a beach run each morning.  I have found a new love for running outside! I always used to just run on the tredmill, but outside it SO much better! Each morning we ran a mile and a half down the beach and then a mile and a half back.  We felt SO good each morning when we were done!

Pretty much every morning after our run, I would come back to the house and make an eggwhite, spinach, and chicken/turkey wrap. Perfect way to refuel!

Most of our days were spent just relaxing and hanging out on the beach and by our pool.  What could be better? Oh, wait…I know.  Relaxing on the beach with a green monster in hand 🙂

Here are what some of our dinners for the week looked like:


Taco Night!

Turkey burger, roasted veggies, and sweet potato

Grilled chicken and veggies at the Salty Dog Cafe!

 Ash and I at Salty Dog.

Me, Ash, and our aunt Debbie sporting our new Salty Dog attire 🙂

Ash and I set out on a mission to get frozen yogurt every night while we were on the island.  Yep. That’s right. Every. Night. And we were successful! Although a couple of the nights weren’t actually frozen yogurt, we decided it was close enough 🙂

Nights 1 and 2 were Rita’s Ice custard with sprinkles galore!

Night 3 we took a trip to Harbour Town, and got Monster Cookie ice cream from a little shop there. Yum!

Night 4 we checked out this awesome place we found called Delisheee Yo. It has all sorts of natural ingredients and the yogurt is really low in fat and sugar.  It tasted like Greek yogurt to me.  I loved it! I got cocoa nibs, unsweetened coconut, and a mixed nut brittle on mine.  So good!

Night 5 we found my favorite place of them all. It was a little shop called Watusi.  They had tons of no sugar added flavors to choose from, and the best toppings, like freshly baked cookies and brownies.  Oh, and frosted animal crackers. Duh!

Night 6 looked pretty similar!

I even managed to scope out a froyo shop in the Atlanta airport last night. Talk about addiction dedication!

I had SUCH a great week on the beach with my family and was so sad to leave the beautiful beach and weather yesteday.  But, I have to say I am more than ready to get back to my normal routine with workouts and clean eating this week (I swear, I don’t normally eat froyo EVERY night 😉 )

I hope everyone had a great week and has a wonderful Saturday!


4 thoughts on “Hilton Head Photo Dump! (Warning: Excessive Drool-Worthy Froyo Pics Included)

  1. awww it looks like you had an amazing trip! Your food looks so healthy, I give you props for eating that clean on vacation. P.S. Where did you get your bathing suits, they are adorable!

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