Overnight Oats in a Jar and Wedding Fun!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend 🙂

My weekend started out pretty great on Friday morning with none other than overnight oats in a jar! I have so many jars of nut butter open that I have been finishing them off lately with no problem, which of course leads to oats in a jar 🙂

My typical overnight oats recipe looks like this:

1/3 cup oats

1/3 cup vanilla Chobani

1/3 cup almond milk



In the morning I sometimes add more milk to get things mixing.  I also add fruit and sometimes more nut butter, or whatever else I’m feeling! Friday I added blueberries to my White Chocolate Wonderful jar (which I recieved from my Foodie Penpal last month!)




Okay, that’s probably enough pictures.

Lunch Friday was a taco salad with leftovers from Thursday night. Mixed greens with ground turkey, avocado, tomato salsa, and a dallop of Chobani. Yum!

Friday night of course included froyo! I went with the no sugar added coffee and tons of chocolate/nut toppings. I have a serious obsession people!

Saturday morning I was up early to coach volleyball, but still gave myself enough time to make this delicious breakfast!  Veggie scramble with blueberries and raspberries.  These raspberries were on sale for $1 at the store this week and they are fabulous!

When I got home from coaching, I snacked on an apple sprinkled with cinnamon and some TJ’s almond butter.  This has become one of my favorite snacks lately!

I whipped up a green monster a few hours later.  This was the best one I have ever made, all thanks to xanthum gum! I had heard how awesome this stuff was from tons of people and how thick it made smoothies, so my aunt bought some while we were on vacation and let me have half the bag! My smoothies have been SO thick and creamy lately, and this one was especially good 🙂 I toppd it off with some kamut puffs for a little crunch.

Yesterday afternoon, my family all went to the wedding of a good family friend.  It was a lot of fun and the dinner was good, too!

I loaded up on the protein with a chicken breast and meatballs, along with a ton of green beans and a side salad that isn’t pictured.

And I managed to snag some cake on the way out, which I put in milk later when I got home 🙂 Cake + milk = best combo ever 🙂

There was a photo booth at the reception where everyone could put on funny hats and costumes and take pictures. My great aunt Rosie (on the far right) even joined in on the fun. She didn’t quite get the “serious” face memo for the last picture 😉 It was hilarious!

Hope everyone enjoys what’s left of the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Overnight Oats in a Jar and Wedding Fun!

  1. You are right Taylor, those $1 raspberries are the best. Love the pictures from the wedding. Too cute. Funny, I was just thinking to myself this morning, now what was it Taylor told me to put in the overnight oatmeal.. taa daa there it is. Thanks cutie!!

    • Looks like a fun weekend! I always feel proud of myself when I am able to save some nut butter for overnight oats. I usually find myself just eating the last bite with a spoon!

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