First Day as a Cavegirl: the Start of the Whole30!

Hey guys!

So today was my first official day on the Whole30!

  This was of course after two consecutive nights of froyo leading up to the challenge…


Anddd Saturday:

Yep. Had to get as much yogurt in as possible before 30 (at least) days without it!

Oh, and also a few spoonfuls of this PB…

After I had shoved every ounce of the forbidden foods into my mouth….I was completely ready to start today!

Oh, after I cleaned out the pantry of course! Peace out grains, dairy, sugar, and peanut buttah!

Here is what today’s Whole30/Paleo meals looked like:


2 eggs with turkey bacon

Mid-morning snack:

Apple with cinnamon and almond butter


Turkey burger with avocado and tomato with broccoli


Apple chicken sausage, broccoli, and sweet potato with Sunbutter (best combo ever)

Overall, today wasn’t really that different for me than any other day.  I didn’t feel hungry between meals and I didn’t feel like it was a struggle to find something to eat that fit within the guidelines.

It’s only the first day, so obviously I haven’t noticed any major changes yet, but I can say that my blood sugar was in great range all day, which of course is always a great thing.  I can’t wait to track my progress and see how this challenge ca change my day to day life!

So far, so good 🙂 Bring on Day 2! 😉


3 thoughts on “First Day as a Cavegirl: the Start of the Whole30!

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  2. As I have looked through almost all of your blog! lol and meals for the whole 30, do you usually not eat anything after dinner? Like after you have a main meal at night do you not have anything else like this day?

    • I always have a night time snack! I was doing a cup of egg whites with cinnamon and vanilla topped with a tablespoon of almond butter or sunbutter, but I also just started using casein protein, which is my new nighttime snack!

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