Larabar Review!

Hey guys!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I am so excited to share this review with you today.  A couple weeks ago, I came home to this package on my doorstep.

Eeeek! If you are a Larabar fan, you can imagine my excitement.  I obviously ripped open the package like a little kid on Christmas morning.  Christmas in July anyone?  A big THANK YOU to Anne at Larabar for being so kind and  generously sending me some samples to review!  Check these out!

These bars are HANDS DOWN my absolute favorite brand.  Most of them have anywhere from 3 to 7 ingredients, all of which are WHOLE, NATURAL foods!  Most of the ingredients are nuts and fruit, with the occasional cocoa powder or chocolate thrown in 🙂  No processed ingredients or chemicals, which I LOVE.  How much better can you get?  What I also love is that many of these bars are also totally Paleo friendly! SCORE!

I recieved the samples a few days before I started my Whole30, so I made sure to give the bars that weren’t technically approved a try before I got started.  These mostly included the flavors with chocolate or peanuts in them.  I had no trouble trying them all! 🙂

The first one I tried was the Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Oh my gosh. YUM! I planned on eating half as a little something sweet after my lunch at work, but soon realized that I would definitely not be stopping at just half.  I had to have the whole thing!


The next flavor was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  Let’s be honest. Can anything with that name REALLY be bad?!  This was no exception.  Delicious!  Feels like a dessert with no guilt!

These next two are probably two of my favorites.  Being the nut butter addict that I am, it is obvious that anything with the words “peanut butter” in it will be a huge hit in my book.

Can you believe that the only ingrediets in this one are peanuts and dates? You wouldn’t by the taste of it.  Just like a peanut butter cookie!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Need I say more!?  YUM.

This next flavor is one of my mom’s favorites.

Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte.  This flavor has the perfect combination of fruitiness and chocolate.  Plus, cherries and chocolate always make a great pair!  This flavor is great!

These next ones are Paleo friendly!

This is for sure one of my new favorites! Even though I am not a regular coffee drinker, this was delicious and a nice change from the fruitier/nuttier flavors. Plus, check out the ingredient list!

So simple! LOVE it! I ate this one to fuel up before a few hours of coaching last week.

The last flavor is one I am saving for those times when I need a quick on-the-go healthy snack.

I have this Paleo-friendly flavor tucked away in my purse in case of emergency…or just a sweet tooth craving 😉

I am a huge coconut fan, and obviously chocolate and coconut is a killer combo, so I cannot WAIT to try this one!

Thank you again to Larabar for these wonderful samples and for being so kind and generous!  All of the flavors were amazing and I’m so glad I was able to share them with my readers.  As I said before, this is by far my number one pick for bars.  The ingredients absolutely cannot be beat! I have yet to find another brand that has anywhere near as natural or as simple ingredients with such great taste.  Larabar gets an A+ in my book every time!

If you’ve never tried these before, they are super easy to find.  I usually find them at Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, or Trader Joes.  And of course you can find them online at

What is your favorite Larabar flavor?


4 thoughts on “Larabar Review!

  1. I used to eat Larabars all the time and miss them dearly. My addiction got to expensive so I cut myself off lol 🙂 I keep meaning to try and make my own. (FYI you can clearly see your address on the photo of the larabar box). Becareful! 🙂

    • They are definitely addicting! Every once in awhile I get lucky and find them 10 for $10 at Kroger 🙂 but thank you for the heads up. I will definitely have to be more careful!

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