WIAW: Paleofied!

Hey everyone!

I’m back for What I Ate Wednesday! Hosted by the lovely Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

I’m going to try to not blab on and on about every meal like I usually do…so here it is.  A quick look at some recent Paleo eats!

Taco salad with ground chicken, avocado, and fresh salsa! Noms.

Paleo cereal made of banana, blueberris, raisins, almonds, walnuts, and almond butter topped with almond milk (that’sa lot of almonds, huh?)

Turkey burger with tomato, veggies, and a sweet potato with almond buttah.

MAJOR paleo ice cream fail.

Chicken with fresh salsa and roasted green beans from the farmer’s market!

Apple with cinnamon and half of a Cappuccino Larabar (one of my new favorite flavors!)

Scrumptious salad from Rusty Bucket with grilled chicken, apple, pecans, and red onion. Topped with my homemade raspberry vinaigrette.  (Yes, I am that girl that brings her own dressing to the restaurant).

Banana with cinnamon and Artisana Cashew butter.  Alexandra was NOT joking when she told me this stuff was “lined with crack.” Totally addicting!

With this new diet, my blood sugar levels have been so great!  I’m so excited about the changes I have seen so far and cannot wait to see what else Paleo can do for my body!  Since starting the Whole30, my blood sugars have been on the lower side (which is awesome), but also has brought about some obstacles with my workout schedule.  Since exercise tends to lower blood sugar (usually, but not always), being on the lower side all the time has made it a bit of a challenge to do my normal workouts in the past week.  I am working on adjusting my insulin levels to work this out, but for now am just fine with taking it easy and letting my body adjust.

This is a screen shot of my Dexcom Continuous Glucose monitor that reads my blood sugar all day long.  Aside from a little elevation during my workout (sometimes adreneline causes blood sugar to rise), everything was pretty close to perfect.  Not too shabby, huh?

I did manage to get in a great back and tricep workout the other day.  Not a super intense calorie burner, but man check out that fat burn percentage! 😉

So, there it is!  My first Paleo style What I Ate Wednesday 🙂

Have a great one guys!


15 thoughts on “WIAW: Paleofied!

  1. Ha I love how your bring your own salad dressing to restaurants, that is awesome! I have always been a little leery of the whole Paleo diet because I seriously love carbs and yogurt, but the food you are eating looks so good and you make it look so manageable!

    • I totally know what you mean! I thought I would die giving up Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, but so far, so good! I don’t even miss them because I am feeling so good! And you should totally consider it! Or even just incorporating some Paleo recipes into your everyday life 🙂

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