Paleo Recipe Experimenting

Hey guys!

Last weekend I headed to Barnes and Noble to look at Paleo cookbooks.  I had read a lot about a few different titles and decided that if I am going to make this a temporary part of my lifestyle, then I was going to need a good cookbook with some solid, staple recipes.  After debating for awhile, I decided on this one:

I had seen a lot of great reviews for it online and on some other blogs, and after flipping through it, I could tell that a lot of the recipes seemed simple and right up my alley.  I even made two of them that night!

First, I made the chicken meatloaf following the turkey meatloaf recipe in the book.  It. Was. Amazing.  And seriously SO EASY.  It took me about 5 minutes to throw all the ingredients together and came out fantastic! I’m already planning on making more this weekend!

Throughout the week I used the meatloaf for several lunches and dinners. 

The usual: lean protein with an almond butter and cinnamon sweet potato and broccoli (I’m sure you guys probably get SO sick of seeing this meal, but I love it!)

After a cardio and ab workout the other night, I made the  BEST salad ever. I’ve decided to see how much I can improve my plank-holding time this month, and started the other day at a little over 2 minutes.  Can’t wait to see how far I can get by the end of the month!

For the salad,  I threw together some green leaf and romaine lettuce and topped it with the chicken, apples, walnuts, avocado, and some homemade raspberry vinaigrette (1/2 cup olive oil + 3-4 tbsp raspberry vinegar).  Seriously SO good!


The other recipe I made was the Egg Muffins.  These were SO great to have for breakfasts in the mornings this week because I could literally just get up and throw a couple in the microwave and not go through the hassle of dirtying a skillet.  They had red and green pepper, onion, and broccoli in them. YUM!

I also made the most delicious snack ever yesterday! I have a newly found love for coconut oil since starting Paleo, and yesterday I decided to “fry” up some bananas in some with a little cinnamon. BEST DECISION EVER.  But wait.  It gets better. I had a nearly empty jar of almond butter, and since I’m not eating oats anymore, it needed to be used for other purposes.  Enter “Fried Bananas” in a Jar! I also added a little homemade coconut butter for kicks. HOLY YUM!

I know this picture probably looks disgusting, but I promise you it was amazing!

So there you have it.  Some new Paleo creations from Taylor’s kitchen this week!

I’ll leave you with this hilarious picture I came across yesterday.  I’m pretty sure this was made for me.  Yes. Yes. and Yes.

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂


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