Artisana Review!

Hey guys! So instead of my usual What I Ate Wednesday post, I bring you a product review!

The wonderful people at Artisana were so nice and sent me samples of their nut butters to try.  And by samples I don’t mean one or two.  I mean a TON! I was so excited when I got them in the mail!

I love this company because they pride themselves on making their products from natural ingredients, most of them only having ONE (aka the nut they come from).  What more can you ask for?  Nothing extra, no chemicals, no preservatives.  Nothing but whole, natural goodness!  I LOVE that.

I couldn’t decide which one to try first!  They all looked amazing.  Here are just  a few of the ways I enjoyed the different butters:

Spread on apples

On bananas

In “Paleo cereal” bowls

On sweet potatoes

With “Paleo Pancakes”

Basically, I put this stuff on anything and everything I could!

Here is a rundown on my thoughts on each flavor:

Macadamia Butter: This was the only kind that I had tried prior to the review.  I had recieved it in a Foodie Penpal package and remembered not loving it when I tried it.  This time around, I liked it better, but still wouldn’t say it was my favorite of them all.

Almond Butter: I of course loved the almond butter.  I pretty much like anything almond these days, so it was no surprise that I was a big fan of the old classic 🙂

Cashew Butter: After hearing from Alexandra that this stuff was AMAZING, I couldn’t wait to try it! And boy was she right.  It definitely lived up to the hype, and I really enjoyed it on an apple.  It obviously had a very distinct cashew taste, which I was a fan of because I am a cashew lover.  This one was definitely one of my top favorites!

Pecan & Walnut Butters: These two were both good.  I combined them and spread them on a banana, which I then covered in almond milk.  I was not disappointed! They didn’t have the sweetness of the almond butter, but were still delicious nonetheless 🙂

Coconut Butter: Before I went on the Paleo diet, I dipped some Annie’s Organic Bunnies in  the coconut butter.  Talk. About. HEAVEN.  This stuff is SERIOUSLY addicting, and I’m surprised I have any left!  I’m also extremely glad this is Paleo-friendly!

Coconut Oil:  I used this to “fry” bananas in and also to cook my Paleo pancakes in.  It gave the bananas a delicious sweet taste, and was also great for the pancakes.  Coconut oil is a major staple in the Paleo diet, so I will definitely need to restock soon!

Cacao Bliss:  This is the only flavor I haven’t tried yet (shockingly).  I am saving it for when I’m done with the Whole30 and want to indulge in a special, yet still healthy, treat.  And let me tell you, I cannot wait until that time comes!

While I had my definite favorites, I honestly cannot say I disliked any of the butters.  They were all great, and I would most definitely recommend this brand to anyone.  Again, I love the fact that these products have minimal ingredients, and love even more that they are Paleo-friendly.

Thanks again to the wonderful people at Artisana for allowing me to review these products!

Check them out at to learn more about their nut butters and order some for yourself!


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