Baseball, Fake Mustaches, and Noshbars!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

This is my last weekend of summer before classes start on Wednesday. Boooo! I’m used to have one more whole month off, but since Ohio State made the switch from a quarter schedule to semesters, we are starting much earlier than usual.

I definitely had a great last weekend though. On Thursday, my mom, sister, aunt, and I headed down to Cincinnati to do some shopping at Ikea and check out a Red’s game! We had so much fun there and the baseball game was awesome! Even though the Red’s lost, we had great seats and a really fun time.

Oh, and I packed this in my purse.  Yes. That is a sweet potato.  What? It never hurts to be prepared…

On Friday we headed back to Columbus and stopped at some outlet malls on the way.  We scored some awesome deals at Nike and Coach 🙂  My mom and I even got matching Coach sunglasses!

But I have to say the best part of Friday happened after we got home.  I had been waiting for this day for an ENTIRE MONTH! It was finally time for…

My first froyo post Whole30!!! It was nothing short of amazing.

Even better than I remembered it.

So good, that I actually went back for round two on Saturday.  Didn’t even feel guilty.  I worked extrememly hard for those 30 days!  I deserved it 🙂


After my treats this weekend, though, I am back on track with Paleo today.  I know I won’t be Whole30 strict ALL the time, but I am definitely sticking with it! It has been so great for me that I don’t want to go back to how I used to eat (except for the weekly occasional froyo, duh! 🙂 )

Today was our cousin Teri’s baby’s first birthday! We all headed out to his party this afternoon, and the theme was “Little Man.” (Hence the fake mustaches).  So stinkin’ cute.

Happy 1st Birthday Jameson! We love you!

Jamo eating his first birthday cake!

Linds and me having a little too much fun…

Mustache straw swag.

Us with the Little Man himself!

How adorable is he!?

Last but not least, I left you guys with a little teaser last post….

One that looked a little something like this:


The amazing people at from Nosh Bar were so kind and sent me some samples of their new Paleo friendly bars a few weeks ago!

Ummmm. You guys. These things are AWESOME. They sent me three flavors; Almond Coconut Cranberry, Chocolate Espresso, and Chocolate Cherry. They were all absolutely delicious, but I have to say my favorite was the Almond Coconut Cranberry.  I’m a total sucker for anything coconut, and this was no exception 😉

I took Nosh Bar’s advice and warmed them up in the microwave first with some coconut butter on top. Talk about heaven in your mouth! Tbe coconut butter acted as a delicious frosting on top of the warm, cookie-like Nosh Bar. Yummmmm!  I do have to say I was completely devestated though, because when I was trying the Chocolate Cherry, I accidentally forgot to take the little plastic piece out before I warmed it, and it completely burned all over the rest of the bar, so I wasn’t able to eat it 😦 I think I literally almost cried. These things are THAT good!

Besides the delicious taste, I love these bars because they are made with awesome (paleo-friendly- DOUBLE BONUS!) ingredients!  Some of the ingredients in the bars include:


Pumpkin Seeds

Dried Dates

Dried Cranberries

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Grass Fed Whey Protein

Raw Honey

Unsweetened Coconut

Pure Vanilla Extract

Sea Salt

Pretty clean, I’d say!  Love that!

If you haven’t tried Nosh Bars yet, I would definitely recommend them. They make a great pre workout snack, or anytime snack for that matter 🙂

You can check out their website at or like them on Facebook at!/noshbars.  They even have an Instagram account! (Noshbars) and a twitter account (@noshbars).  So go check them out people! You won’t regret it! 🙂

Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!


9 thoughts on “Baseball, Fake Mustaches, and Noshbars!

  1. I totally do that with food. Pears, grapes, carrots, bananas, chicken, etc. All could be found in my purse at one point or another. I hope you had fun at OSU’s opening. My friend loved it and even posted a video on facebook of Brutus the Buckeye. Lol.

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