Froyo Friday Linkup Anyone!?

Happy Friday everyone!

So, if you follow Taylor Made or my Instagram, you probably know by now that I am totally and freakishly obsessed with and would like to marry kind of like  frozen yogurt 😉

Hence, Froyo Fridays! Every Friday I treat myself to a big bowl of frozen yogurt, as a reward for working out hard and eating clean all week.  We all deserve a little treat every once in awhile!

From my Instagram feed and reading other blogs, I know I am not alone in my love for the frozen stuff!  So, I have been thinking about starting  a “Froyo Friday” linkup here where everyone can share their drool-worthy froyo experiences from the week.  Would anyone be interested in this?!  I know it wouldn’t be as big as a “What I Ate Wednesday” or “Marvelous in My Monday” linkup, but it might be kind of fun to check out what kinds of yogurt combos everyone is enjoying around the blogger world 🙂

I need some feedback so let me know if you would be interested in sharing your weekly froyo adventures with other bloggers/readers 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

And Go Bucks! 😉




13 thoughts on “Froyo Friday Linkup Anyone!?

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