WIAW: Paleo Pumpkin Bread!

Hey guys! So this WIAW is going to be short and sweet with a little recipe I’ve been teasing everyone with on Instagram 🙂 Thanks again to the lovely Jenn for hosting!

Speaking of fall…. 😉

If you follow me (taylorriggs12), this might look familiar…

Nothing says “fall” like…

you guessed it!


I don’t know about you guys (actually I’m pretty sure I can speak for about 99.9% of bloggers in saying this), but I LOVE fall! Which also means I love pumpkin. EVERYTHING. Literally, everything.

So, last weekend I set out on a mission to bake a delicious loaf of Paleo pumpkin bread, and boy did I!  But, I definitely cannot take credit for the recipe myself.  I searched and searched, and ultimately ended up deciding on the Elena’s Pantry recipe, making just a couple tiny adjustments.

Here it is!

Paleo Pumpkin Bread

1 cup blanched almond flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill)

¼ teaspoon celtic sea salt

½ teaspoon baking soda

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

½ teaspoon cloves

½ cup roasted pumpkin (I used canned pure pumpkin)

2 tablespoons honey

¼ teaspoon stevia

3 eggs

In a food processor combine almond flour, salt, baking soda and spices.

Add pumpkin, honey, stevia and eggs and pulse for 2 minutes

Scoop batter into a petite loaf pan

Bake at 350° for 35-45 minutes

Cool for 1 hour


YOU GUYS. This stuff is freaking DELICIOUS. My kitchen literally smelled like a fall wonderland while it was baking.

The only problem  I had was that it fell a lot after I took it out of the oven, so I’m not sure if my loaf pan was too big or if it might have been because I didn’t used blanched almond flour or what? But even so, I’ve been enjoying it all week and will be immediately making more once it is gone! The spices are absolutely amazing, and make this the PERFECT fall treat.  I’ve been loving it with a little Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut spread or Sunbutter. Mmmmm 🙂

Go make it people.

Right. Now.


5 thoughts on “WIAW: Paleo Pumpkin Bread!

  1. YAY!!!! You know how excited I’ve been about this post haha! Ever since I saw this bad boy on instagram, I’ve been dreaming of pumpkins 😉
    “My kitchen literally smelled like a fall wonderland while it was baking” <— SO MAKING IT THIS WEEKEND!!!! 😀

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