Closest to the Coconut Challenge!

Hey everyone!

I’m so excited about this post! Naked Coconut Water has asked me to take part in their Closest to the Coconut Challenge!

For the challenge, I received Naked Coconut Water along with real green coconuts, and was asked to compare the two in taste. Here is a look at my experience.

First, I opened up the green coconut! I’ve never opened a real coconut before, so this was an interesting experience 😉 but I finally got it!

I stuck a straw inside and took my first taste.

Next, I tried the Naked Coconut Water. Much easier to get open 😉

Okay, it’s no wonder they call Naked Coconut Water “closest to the coconut!” It tasted EXACTLY like the water from the actual green coconuts! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, as I thought there would definitely be a distinct difference between the two. If I took the test again with a blindfold on, I wouldn’t ever be able to tell which was which! They aren’t lying when they say this stuff is the real deal!

I was definitely expecting both to taste more “coconutty,” having only had things like coconut flakes or coconut butter before, but the flavors were surprisingly different. I can’t wait to experiment with some smoothie recipes including this stuff for some post workout fuel, since coconut water is naturally filled with electrolytes. Who needs sports drinks when you’ve got coconut water?

That’s where you guys come in!

Closest to the Coconut Reader Recipe Challenge

I’m looking for the reader with the best smoothie recipe using Naked Coconut Water!

Leave a comment with your recipe by next Wednesday (October 3rd), and I will hold a taste test (with a panel of judges 🙂 ) to choose a winner, who will receive some awesome prizes from Naked CW!

So get those creative juices flowing and get your recipes in! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

And don’t forget to spread the word about the contest using Facebook and Twitter 🙂

Also, don’t forget to enter into Naked’s weekly Instagram contest!

“Show us how you replenish your day, and we’ll replenish your supply.”

A user-generated Instagram photo contest soliciting the best photos of how people are replenishing their day. The best photo tagged #replenish and @nakedjuice each week will earn the photographer a feature on the Naked Facebook Page and a month’s supply of Naked CW to refuel their supply. Learn more at


8 thoughts on “Closest to the Coconut Challenge!

  1. So coconut is so yummy when the flavor is pronounced so I try to keep the smoothie semi-simple: 1/2 banana, pineapple, protein, ice and coconut water-also either vanilla or choc protein is really yummy!

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  4. I love coconut water since it has a lot of potassium (and I’m always plagued with cramped muscles or toes after a long workout/run). I usually add coconut water, 1/4 C Greek yogurt (for some protein and creaminess), a medley of frozen mango, pineapple, and/or strawberry chunks, and a squeeze of lime. Add as much coconut water depending on how runny you want it. I’ve also frozen coconut water in ice trays and pop them in a blender to make it really icy!

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