Back at It

Hey everyone!

Happy Thursday! I love Thursdays because they are actually my Fridays, since it’s the last day I actually have classes for the week!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I am officially back to a real weight training routine! For awhile I needed a little break and was doing a combination of different workouts (CrossFit, Body Pump, random at home WODs, walking, running, cycling), but nothing consistant, and as a result felt like I was making no progress, not to mention losing muscle!  No bueno.  So this week I got my crap together and got back to it!  And boy does it feel good to be back! I’ve missed my daily trips to the gym and being the only girl on the weight floor 🙂 Some things just never change!

I started out the week with legs.  And let me tell you…THEY ARE STILL SORE.  Now that’s how you know it’s a good workout!

Locker room selfie. What up.

Check out that fat burn!

I ❤ leg day.

I also seemed to have forgotten how HUNGRY weight training makes me.  When I’m done I seriously feel like I could eat for days.

As a result of reintroducing protein powder, I decided to mix up a green smoothie the other day for lunch.  Warning: Green smoothies are NOT, I repeat, NOT, a good way to make friends in the library (*insert weird stares*).

I also made this scrumptious dinner last night with the last of the grass-fed beef I got on sale at Whole Foods last week. NOMS.

Beef burger, green beans, and sweet potato with almond buttah. Ok, I know this is what 99% of my dinners look like, but hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it right? 😉 Ohhhh so good.

So, what have we learned today?

1. Weight training rules.

2. Drinking spinach-filled smoothies will probably not increase your chances of attracting that cute guy studying across from you in the library.

3. I should probably try to make more interesting meals.

Happy Thursday everyone!



10 thoughts on “Back at It

  1. hahahaha I get the same creeped out looks in the library whenever I eat eggs! Stinky eggs DO NOT bring the boys to the yard 😉
    I wish we went to the same college– we’d totally understand each others’ healthy/weird food combos! 😀

  2. Lol love this post! Green monsters are definitely not a go to for attracting guys and/or making new friends… I even have to be careful with bringing them to work. I’ll have one up at my register with me and customers freak the freak out, oopsies! I agree, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. tis a good dinner

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