I Like Christmas. And Froyo. A Lot.

Hey guys!

Happy Hump Day! It was so nice having Monday off of school and work this week for Veteran’s Day! Hello 3 day week for this girl (I don’t have classes on Friday). 🙂  And next week is a two-day week since it is Thanksgiving Break! Eeeeeek! I’m just a tad bit excited.

Now I know there are some people out there who can’t stand the thought of even THINKING about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over…but I, my friends, am not one of them.  I am actually the complete opposite. I’ve pretty much been thinking about Christmas since, oh, Decemeber 26, 2011? Yeah. I’m that girl.

I even put up the tree in my bedroom already…

And bought a new ornament.

Anddd…a Christmas bowl for my Noatmeal.

Oh COME ON. You’re seriously telling me you could have passed this up for $2.50 at Target? If so, you’re lying!

But I can’t help it! I love, love, love every single thing about the holiday season! The decorations, the music (yes, I’ve had the Christmas radio station on in my car for a week already!), the snow, the family time.  You name it, I love it.

One thing I really love about Christmas, though, is…….baking cookies! I know what you’re thinking. What? YOU, paleo queen and crazy health freak, like to bake terribly unhealthy Christmas cookies?!?! Ummm. Yeah. I do.

I have been baking Christmas cookies with my family since I was little.  My grandma always made so many different kinds, and we still make all of her same recipes!  My aunt Judi and I do the majority of the baking and last year I even decided to get a little adventurous and start selling the cookies!  This year I even whipped up some pretty snazzy business cards 😉

I even filled my first order of the year a couple of weeks ago!

The other day we made Cream Horns…everyone’s favorite! Are these not a work of art or what?

And some iced cutouts for a Thanksgiving order!

How cute are those?

Now you’re probably wondering how I possibly control myself when I bake these kinds of things and how I don’t eat half the batch while making them.  Sometimes I am even shocked by my self-discipline, trust me! But honestly, I just really enjoy the baking aspect of it.  Baking is one of my favorite hobbies, and I really love making things for other people.  While I do have a maaaaajor sweet tooth, I’m just not really tempted by foods like this anymore like I used to be!


That does not mean that I don’t still obsess over love froyo!

Yes everyone, Froyo Friday was back in full swing last weekend! I completed my second Whole 30 last week and knew exactly where I would be going when I was finished!

Oh yes. I may have even sang “reunited and it feels so gooooood” while eating this. (I wish I were kidding, but I really did sing it).

And if that wasn’t enough…

Yep. I went back for round 2 on Sunday. Can’t say I was mad about it.

Ok, ok. I think that’s enough about all of the UN-healthy things I’ve been up to 😉 But hey, life’s all about balance, right?

Have a great aftnernoon everyone!



10 thoughts on “I Like Christmas. And Froyo. A Lot.

  1. 🙂 baking is a great way to spread joy and love to others during the holidays. I agree, yes I will enjoy some cookies here or there for an evening dessert with a hot cup of coffee, but I myself have a great passion for health and excercise, therefore, it is easy for me to enjoy a treat and then move on from the holiday goodies 🙂

  2. Your grandma would be soooo very proud of your baking skills Taylor. Your creations are beautiful and I know first hand that they are way Yuuuuuuummy!!!!! Love you!!

  3. DUDE this post just got me even more stoked for Christmas!!! I must admit, I’ve been listening to the Pandora Christmas station all day studying heehee 😉 AHH It’s almost here!!!!!!!!

  4. I finished the Whole30 book and I am starting for REAL this time with no cheats or slips. You’ve definitely inspired me to do it the right way this go around. Im super excited about it!!

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