Ten Things Tuesday

Hey guys!

Guess who is officially on Thanksgiving break!? THIS GIRL! 🙂

Oh boy does it feel good.

So I thought I’d put this little post together of ten random little happenings from the past few days, hence “Ten Things Tuesday.”

1. These are two of my  new favorite things! I’ve been really focusing on upping my water intake each day, and I finally found a 3 liter jug to keep me accountable! I try to drink one of these a day plus a little to get up to a gallon, and so far so good.  It really is amazing how much better I feel by just doing that (besides the fact that I pee 72 times a day).  I also have been loving my new kettlebell! This thing is awesome and makes for some great shoulder workouts. I’ve been working kettlebell swings as active rests  into my workouts in between sets of different exercises and it really ups the intensity! For example, today I worked biceps and did 15 KB swings with each arm in between sets.  Gets the heart rate up!2. This meal was delish.  Ground chicken burger, turkey bacon (upping that protein!), acorn squash bowl with cinnamon, and broccoli.  I have to say I was really excited to try the acorn squash for the first time, but was a little disappointed.  I can’t say it’s my favorite, but I’m glad I tried it out! I have a delicata squash sitting on my counter that I will be experimenting with next 🙂

3. This is an accurate relationship status for me.

4. It is currently Beat Michigan week at Ohio State. Aka everything revolves around everyone’s pure hatred for that “team up north.” How sweet is this T-shirt?! A combo of my two favorite things in life; the Buckeyes and Nike 🙂

5. Some good old Beat Michigan humor 🙂 I thought this was hilarious. The funniest part is that we actually have this picture outside of the door at my work (obviously without the words).  Still histerical!

6. Last OSU related thing. How beautiful is the Shoe? GORGEOUS.

7. Ok I lied, THIS is the last Ohio State related thing 🙂 I made these cookies the other night for a family friend. Mini Buckeyes and all! How cute are they?!

8. Flannel sheets = God’s gift to Earth. These things are amazing. Literally SO warm.  I love winter for the sole fact that I get to sleep in these babies. I even sometimes turn my fan on to make it even cooler so I can snuggle all up in them.  Does anyone else prefer sleeping when it’s cold so you can wrap yourself all up in tons of blankets? Please tell me I’m not the only one…

9. This protein is BOMB. I was so lucky to be sent some samples from SFH, which is a company that makes CLEAN protein.  I have been wanting to try this for so long because it is as close to paleo as protein powder comes, so when I was offered to try some I was through the roof.  The chocolate is definitely my favorite!

10. Froyo was had on Friday. Duh 😉

Happy Tuesday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I have a bag of SFH vanilla that I haven’t opened yet (saving it for when I run out of my not-so-good protein powder). Glad that you gave it a good review! 🙂

    And fro-yo is needed AT LEAST once a week. No shame.

    • I have to say I have been favoring the chocolate over the vanilla! It’s just soooo good! But you will have to let me know what you think!

      And I agree! AT LEAST once being the key words 😉

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