Thanksgiving Weekend Recap and Getting Back on Track

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with lots of family, friends, and of course food!

My break began with froyo (obviously a good start).  My friend Joe was home from school for the week, and we went to our high school’s alumni basketball game on Wednesday night.  He had never had froyo before (an obvious sin), so we stopped to get some before the game!

I think he’s a fan!

On Thursday, my family headed over to my aunt’s house as usual for Thanksgiving.  And get this, I even convinced my family to have a totally paleo Thanksgiving dinner! How, you ask? I’ll get back to you when I figure that out myself 😉

Our paleo dinner consisted of turkey, asparagus, cauliflower “mashed potatoes”, and sweet potatoes.  How delicious does this plate look!?

Mmmm. Drooling all over again!

And don’t think I didn’t bring dessert!

Paleo pumpkin pie anyone?

It was a hit! (And by hit I mean I probably ate half it of by myself…)

Naturally, food babies were developed in our stomachs from all of the delicious food…

Ohh the food baby pain.

We decided to nix the Black Friday shopping this year (though I tried to desperately convince someone to go with me).  I really didn’t have anything I wanted/needed to get, but I always think the thrill of it is so fun! Guess no one else in my family feels this way…

However, we did put up the Christmas decorations on Friday.  How gorgeous is our tree?!

Black Friday Froyo happened later that night.

Animal crackers!? Yes, please.

On Saturday I headed over to my high school to get a workout in, since the gyms on campus were closed.  It was fun to go back and workout in the weightroom there! I got a great leg session in before heading home to watch the Buckeyes put a beatdown on Michigan!

Froyo was had again Saturday night…

I can’t help it, guys. It really is my one weakness in life!

Sunday consisted of running errands and some Christmas cookie baking!

This very necessary purchase was made at Target.

Only $19! What a steal! Go buy this for yourself…now.

I baked up a batch of peanut blossoms.

And a batch of pecan balls. How pretty!

Into the freezer they went for Christmas!

I had such a great weekend relaxing and spending time with family, but I had to say after all the indulging, I was more than ready to get back to regular workouts and clean eating come Monday!  I started a new weight training and meal plan this week, and I’m excited to see what kind of results it brings.  I’m going back to more frequent, smaller meals, which means I’ll be doing a lot more food prep for my food during the week to take to work and school.

Here is some of what I’ve been eating.

This delicious dinner: ground beef burger, broccoli, and sweet potato with Sunbutter.

Little snack of half a banana, bloobs, and almond butter in the library between classes.

I also roasted up a boat load of squash yesterday! Butternut and delicata. I just tossed them in some coconut oil and threw them in the oven for 45-60 mins. Delish!

I started my day with a killer leg workout, followed by 15 minutes on the stepmill. Pretty much baking on not being able to walk tomorrow 😉

I’m off to study for my biochem exam and watch the Bucks pound on Duke tonight!

Have a great evening!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend Recap and Getting Back on Track

  1. That food baby picture has to be the best EVER!!! Totally embodies what I looked like post thanksgiving too heehee 😉 And your tree looks like it’s from a storybook! ❤
    Can't wait to hear about how your new meal plan/training plan treats ya, is it still going to be paleo-ish?
    Oh and that ice cream maker thing is officially on my Christmas list now hahaha!
    Good luck on your biochem test!!

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