Holiday Happenings

Happy Hump Day everyone! Halfway through the week, and it’s almost Christmas! Now if that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what does 😉

Lots of things have been going on around here lately, especially lots of Christmas-related things….

Which you KNOW includes baking 🙂

Some goodies all packaged up!


I also made pizzelles with my mom’s friend, Carm.  We have been making them together for the past couple years, and although I haven’t completely mastered the pizzelle iron, I swear I’m getting better! Maybe next year will be my year 😉


Think I like the color red? I absolutely LOVE my red Kitchen Aid that I got for my birthday last year. And how cute is this Christmas spatula? Thanks Aunt Judi!


I found these hilarious throwback Christmas pictures of my sister and me one day last week and could not stop laughing. I put the first one next to our Christmas card from this year, and holy moley it’s scary how similar they are! Same house, same tree, same color clothes! Too funny!


And I’m not sure about you, but nothing says “Happy Holidays” to me like corduroy overalls and leopard print turtlenecks. Thanks, Mom. 20121219-114547.jpgSaturday was my dad’s side of the family’s Christmas party! Guess who supplied the cookies?


Me and my sister with Grandma! (I guess me and Linds were both feelin’ the stripes Saturday night?)


I finally got all of my grades back for the semester.  Not too shabby! Was hoping for a 4.0, but hey, I’ll take an A- in biochem.

20121219-115000.jpg Some recent workouts…

I started my Saturday morning off with a sweat sesh on the bike!20121219-114743.jpg

Monday I did a killer shoulder workout with 30 kettlebell swings in between each set. Trying to grow these babies! 20121219-115007.jpg

On another note, my nut butter addiction is definitely not normal.

This stuff is literally crack in a jar. I may or may not have ordered 3 jars of it online last week…


Normal people keep almond butter in their cup holders, right? No?20121219-114732.jpg

Of course, froyo happened this weekend. Every time I go into the shop, I pretend like I have no clue what flavor I want, just so I can sample them all, yet EVERY time I pick vanilla. Does anyone else pull this trick? Haha.


Now onto some REALLY exciting news! Last night I received this in the mail: 20121219-115031.jpg

Remember when I asked you guys to vote for my Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes in the Silk Holiday Recipe contest on Facebook? Well, I won the dessert category! I could NOT believe it! There were so many great recipes. I am so honored! The grand prize was a Kitchen Aid mixer (which they sent the giftcard for) and a year supply of Silk! Literally still in shock! Thanks to any of you that voted!

And these both describe me pretty accurately…



Haha! Have a great night everyone!


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