Whole 30…Again!

Hey guys! Happy Monday to everyone!

Since my last post, I started yet another Whole 30! Today marks one week in and things are going great.  This time around is the best yet because my cousin Teri, her husband Nick, my cousin Jess, and my sister Lindsay are ALL doing it, too! It’s so much better when you have others for support and to keep you accountable!


In the past week, I’ve been experimenting with some new recipes and meal ideas, and wanted to share them with you all! I love the Whole 30 because it almost forces you to get creative in the kitchen.  Plus I know you guys get sick of seeing my typical chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato pics all the time 😉 What can I say; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

On day one, I woke up early to do some cardio on the bike before eating breakfast.  While I was working out, my mom happened to send me an e-mail with tons of awesome egg recipes! I was so excited to find a recipe for baked eggs in an avocado.  I have seen this idea all over the place, but had never tried it and thought it would be the perfect way to start my Whole 30 off right!


It turned out SO good! I put the egg in the pit of the avocado and baked it at 425 for about 25 minutes and had a nice, runny yolk! Yummm!

Another new recipe I have been LOVING is one I found on Instagram from @amandamclark (go follow her!)  It’s a “wrap” made out of coconut flour and egg whites. SO simple and easy, and seriously good.


3/4 cup egg whites

3 tsp coconut flour



garlic and herb seasoning (or any savory seasoning you like)

Whisk all the ingredients together and then pour it into a skillet just like a pancake/omelette until it is cooked (about 5 minutes). I usually flip mine just to be sure the top half gets fully cooked. Then use it just like a tortilla! I have been filling mine with ground turkey, but you could put anything you want inside. These would also be something you could probably make ahead of time to pack cold for on-the-go lunches.  Go try this!


Paleo “cereal” has also been a favorite snack of mine this past week.  It’s just a simple combination of fruit and nuts covered with almond milk.  Here is the combo I’ve been using, but you can use anything you want!

1/2 sliced banana

handful of blueberries

small handful of raw almonds

small handful of raw walnut

sprinkle of unsweetened coconut flakes


Paleo N’Oatmeal. An oldie but goodie 🙂 Topped with sunflower seed butter and blueberries.


The last new-to-me thing I have been making is bulletproof coffee.  Has anyone heard of this? It’s basically coffee blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil (or MCT oil) that is supposed to be an ultra fat burner and help with energy levels and mental clarity.  I’ve made it the past two days for breakfast, using one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of coconut oil yesterday, and then upping it to two tablespoons of butter today (someone told me 2 tablespoons is recommended for maximum benefits).  I’m not going to lie. It was harder to get down this morning with two tablespoons.  Maybe it’s something you just have to get used to?


So there you have it.  Some of my Whole 30 Week 1 eats! Bring on Week 2!

I found this yesterday and couldn’t say it better myself 🙂


How true is that?

Have a great Monday everyone!


5 thoughts on “Whole 30…Again!

  1. What almond milk do you use that is W30 compliant? Also, bulletproof coffee is great, but butter is not allowed on w30?? I’ve got some great raw butter calling my name in the fridge but an thinking bulletproof needs to wait till 30 days are up. Did you clarify yours?

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