Destin Days

You know what sucks? Coming home from vacation sucks.  Big time.  Especially when the place you were vacationing looks like this and the place you are coming home to is 58 degree Columbus, Ohio.  Columbus doesn’t look like this.


Have you ever seen water that blue? I certainly hadn’t. Seriously the most gorgeous beach I’ve ever been to!

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a lot of these pictures already (I’m a bit obsessed), in which case feel free to ignore this entire post.  If not, you might want to grab some snacks, cause it’s gonna be a long one.

So the trip started out on a really great note because on Friday morning, lucky for us, we found some ice cream in the rental car! What could be be better, right?  Correction: we found a half eaten McDonald’s hot fudge sundae in the rental car. Gross.


After we got over that minor setback, we were on our way to Nashville, our first stop. We decided to drive there and stay the night with my aunt and uncle since it was a good halfway point between Columbus and Destin.  To make up for the previous ice cream incident, it was only right that we got ourselves some froyo. I swear Nashville has the best froyo.

***DISCLAIMER: Approximately 99.9% of the food I consumed last week was no where near paleo. Please, tell me how awful I am.


We were up early again on Saturday and had another 8 hours in the car ahead of us to Destin.  Talk about a good looking group. Am I right? Dad didn’t make it into the picture. Whoops. Had to keep his eye on the road.  I suppose that’s important.


We made it by late afternoon and when we got there I decided to head out on a little run and explore the area.  And by explore I mean run down the main road in one direction so I didn’t get lost. Not to mention  I was super excited because I had just gotten my PaleOMG headband and wanted to show it off. I could when  I was running that tons of people were staring at it purely out of jealousy. Totally understandable.


When I got back me and my sister did some real exploring on the golf cart that came with the house we were staying in.  Man that thing was fun. It was even street legal.  Although sometimes I doubted that since I swear I never saw one other golf cart on the main roads while we were there…hmmm….Even though it only (sometimes) reached speeds of 25 miles per hour, usually only when you were going downhill, it was still a real good time. And came in handy for late night froyo runs. Wait what?


The first full day we were there was Cinco de Mayo, so we decided to check out a nearby Mexican restaurant called La Rumba for dinner.  Not the greatest food, but still a pretty fun time.  My dad really enjoyed the margaritas that night.  There was a DJ outside and he kept asking him if he had anything by Pitbull.  So hip, Mike is.  

I got the chicken fajitas. Pretty good. But even better cold the next day by the pool. Weird.


Most days breakfast looked something like this.  Eggs, bacon, and avocado.  Pretty standard.  Pretty paleo.  Don’t let this picture fool you.  I didn’t really eat breakfast out by the pool every morning. But it probably would have been nice.


I even made everyone PaleOMG Hearty Banana Granola Pancakes minus the granola one morning.  They were a hit! Even my dad liked them.  Now that right there is a sign they were good.


After breakfast each morning, we usually all did some kind of workout.  The community we stayed in had a nice little clubhouse with a little workout room and some tennis courts.  My dad and I played tennis almost every day.  And by played I mean tried not to kill ourselves/look like complete idiots.  We literally had no idea what we were doing.  But we still had fun.  Most days we were lucky and were the only ones on the courts, until the last day when I swear we had two professionals next to us.  I think they were getting a little angry because our balls kept flying onto their court, forcing them to stop in the middle of their game and throw our balls back to us. Awkward.


We look professional, right?


It’s okay if you said no.  But let me tell ya, tennis is one hell of a workout when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Another morning the whole group went on a walk along the beach and checked out some of the shops and restaurants in the area.  We ended up at a cute little coffee/bake shop called Camille’s where we hung out for a little bit and ate cheese danishes and bloody marys. Counter-productivity at its finest.


On Tuesday night we went to a restaurant/bar called the Boathouse.  If you saw this place you would immediately think why the eff would someone eat here?! It was pretty much the dirtiest, skankiest hole in the entire world.  We all thought it was pretty freaking sketch at first.  There were dollar bills hanging all over the ceiling and walls that people have written on from all different places and states. Some people even hung their t-shirts or baseball hats on the walls, too, to represent where they are from.  There were also lots of bras hanging from the ceiling…Not sure what those were representing. Nor do I think I want to know. Ew. Anyways, me and my sister, being the loyal Buckeyes we are, hung up a couple dollars with the good old O-H-I-O on them.  See the bras behind us?


So this is where major non-paleo eating began.

Oh yeah. That happened.  The place actually ended up being really fun and we even got the live performer to sing Hang On Sloopy.  Entertaining to say the least.

And then this happened the next night at a place called McGuire’s.  That’s peanut butter and bacon on that burger. Yes it is. Don’t knock it til ya try it folks.


My aunts Judi and Debbie and my dad at McGuire’s.  Good looking people.


We spent pretty much all of Thursday at the beach.  I got a severe sunburn on my feet, however, after much complaining, I did manage to force my family into taking this picture.  If you can’t tell, we are spelling OHIO with our bodies.  Aka a tradition at Ohio State.  I have to say this one turned out pretty cool! They will thank me later.


On Friday morning, my aunt Judi, my dad, and I decided to go to this place called the Donut Hole for breakfast.  Everyone we talked to had recommended it and said they had the best donuts in the whole world.  So, naturally, who wouldn’t want to go there? I ordered eggs with bacon and hashbrowns.  Almost paleo, right?


So far, so good.  Until this went down.  Paleo my ass.


The people weren’t lying.  Best. Donuts. Ever. Pretty sure I drooled over the coconut one.  If they didn’t already by this point, the paleo police sure as hell had a warrant out for my arrest after this.  Whoops.

After our obviously healthy breakfast, my dad and I went to play some tennis, and then did some golf cart exploration.  We found this place called Bad Ass Coffee and it was totally awesome.  They had tons of cool flavors to choose from and I’m pretty sure the girl working there wanted to kill me because I asked her about pretty much every single one.  I ended up getting an iced sugar-free Snickerlicious latte.  I imagine this is what heaven would taste like if heaven did in fact have a taste.  So sad it took me all the way until the last day to discover this bad boy.


On Saturday we got up super early and said goodbye to our lovely Destin home before we started the long 8 hour trip back to Nashville.  Remember how I said Nashville has the best froyo? Well that’s because of this.


Froyo toppings literally falling out of the sky from heaven.  Aka Sweet CeCe’s.  Nomnomnom.


Now that’s a good ending to any vacation.  Or any other day for that matter.

Now, you’re probably thinking I’m some sort of fraud for eating all these naughty things on vacation or not eating 100% paleo the entire time.  My apologies.  But, you know what, it was vacation.  I enjoyed myself.  I let myself have a little fun.  Did eating these foods make me feel good? Hell no.  My stomach felt like a balloon for 99.9% of the trip, not going to lie.  It actually really sucked.  Especially when you’re prancing around in a bikini.  Looking 9 months preggo from eating crap isn’t really cute in that situation.  But that’s beside the point.  Vacation is a time to relax and get away from reality for a little while, and that’s exactly what I did.  I had some fun and wasn’t so uptight about making sure everything I stuffed my face with was paleo.  And ys know what?  I survived.  Weird, huh?


3 thoughts on “Destin Days

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. That sounds like THEEE perfect vacation! A good mix of food, family, sunshine, and exercise! I think when you are on vacation, it’s important to be relaxed about eating, because after all, vacation is all about “taking a break”. Good Lord you are making me crave a burger and froyo so badly right now!

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